You Are Not Required to Set Yourself on Fire to Keep Other People Warm – Unknown — The Seeds 4 Life

I have noticed you have lent your ear to many. You have shared your time without regret. You have allowed for many to lean on your shoulder while they have cried. You have given everything and continue to; without being asked, without expecting anything in return. But you are exhausted. Your cup is slowly becoming…

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Blind Faith (Or – How Faith Isn’t Only About Religious Beliefs)

I wrote this article for someone else to publish but they didn’t use it – so I decided to share it with you.

When I was asked to write on the subject of “Faith” I had two ideas.  One was an article along the lines of a religious-type piece of writing and the other was about “Blind Faith”.  Literally – Blind Faith.

As I am sure others have submitted writing with a religious twist to it I thought I would tell you about how “Faith” can have a big impact when connected with my eyesight.

I may not look like I should be but I am actually Registered as Partially Sighted.  As well as being severely shortsighted I also have problems with angles, bright lights, and darkness (among other things).  Forget the angles for a minute – the “Blind Faith” comes with the bright lights and the darkness – neither of which are much good if I want to see anything clearly – if at all.

This means I have to have faith in my own abilities to navigate my way around – even when landmarks appear to have completely vanished from view.  Not only that but I have to have faith in the people around me either doing what I think they are going to do or (more usually) that they are not going to do what I think they are going to do.

If you rely on your ears (as I do when it is wall-to-wall sunshine, or dark) you very quickly learn that some car engines have developed rather interesting noises – kind of like a bass line and a drumbeat with additional “musical” accompaniment.  This is where my “Blind Faith” really comes in handy.  As the speed of the music doesn’t change with the speed of the car it is being played in I have no clue as to whether or not I am likely to get run over by an oncoming “Mobile Disco”.

Of course – there are many other occasions where Faith and my sight are connected.  Can I be certain that I am approaching a tree or a human if I am out and about when it is getting dark???  Is that vehicle which is approaching the bus stop where I am standing a bus or (as actually happened once) a Tesco delivery van???

So – you see – Faith plays two roles in my life.  The first being connected with my religious beliefs and the second being connected with how I attempt to avoid injury to myself and other people when out and about.

“Faith” is something you need in both yourself and other people all through your life.  Without Faith you really cannot claim to live.

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Chorizo and Thyme Carbonara — Wish to Dish

Hi guys I am returning to the blog-o-sphere today after a slight hiatus with this delicious carbonara recipe… I apologise for the lack of recipes recently – I have started at a new job and have been too exhausted when I get home from work to create food worth blogging! However I am determined not […]

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Why Social Media Can Be The New Artform

Social Media has got a bit of a bad reputation which I only partly agree with the reasons for.

Yes – it can absorb people to the point where they forget the “real life” humans in their lives, and it can be used to spread hatred and bullying further and faster than ever before.

However, it can actually help people keep in contact with friends and relatives who they rarely see due to geographic circumstances.  It can also be used to educate people about situations they wouldn’t otherwise know about.  As well as making people like me not feel so alone in the world.

Social Media seems to have grown from merely being a way to contact other humans into a way of entertaining them as well (whether or not you consider YouTube tone part of the Social Media sphere).

You can now stream live video on Facebook (and possibly Twitter as well).

But my favourite form of entertainment which Social Media provides is the unintended funny tweets and statuses I sometimes read.  (I must admit I do have a bit of an advantage through speaking another language.)

There is a saying about a word being able to paint a thousand pictures???  Some of the tweets I have read from people I follow on Twitter have painted such vivid pictures in my mind that I ended up feeling like I was in the same situation with them.

People can post really impressive photographs on Social Media – but I like being able to read their thoughts in words.

Yes – I admit it – sometimes even I wish we could go back to life without Social Media.  Then I remember all the connections I have made with some brilliant “mind artists” through it, as well as how it keeps me in touch with people and places which are very special to me.

Like all other artforms – we need to have a balance between Social Media and the “real” world.  However, Social Media can also bring the “real” world closer to us in exactly the same way as the other artforms.

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Do you know when to call 999?

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The National Emergency Services Memorial #Charity — CharityUKNews

Source: The National Emergency Services Memorial #Charity — CharityUKNews

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SAFDI Meets this Thursday

Please share widely: SAFDI Meets this Thursday 17th Aug at Woking FC 1000-1300. Everyone is welcome and it’s free and fun. SAFDI supports our armed forces veterans.  Our “guest” speaker is John Keegan OBE.

Remember that anyone who has served in the Armed Forces or is a reserve deserves our support.

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