London to Brighton by Land Rover

On Sunday 5th October the South London and Surrey Land Rover Club  [see post] ran the 16th London to Brighton run with several hundred people camping at the start point at Hook End, Epsom…. It used to be Alexandra Palace park until the London Congestion Charges hit the diesel engined members.


Anyhow the day started at -2C, with clear skys and was well organised. The Land Rovers assembled from across Europe. A lot had camped at the start point overnight.

Many clubs were represented but also there were lots of  simple citizens out to do the run, raise funds for charity and compare vehicles. Every Land Rover is different; even two that ran off the production line sequentially will, by the time they hit the road be tweaked by their owners.

IMG_3456 IMG_3442 IMG_3448 IMG_3451 IMG_3445






Interestingly between London and Brighton every halt, service station, garage and lay -by had land rovers stopped – meeting with friends (or awaiting repairs) –  and if you had the opportunity to listen into conversations on CB radio you’d have had a laugh!

The event is excellently organised and marshalled. It is child and pet friendly and you can even buy some of the exhibits.


Overall a is good day out…. Spot the excellent lunch location below



IMG_3482 IMG_3481

Roof Tents

Roof Tents

IMG_3473 IMG_3469 IMG_3468 IMG_3460
























Today’s event  celebrated the fact that the Land Rover Discovery is 25 years old yet the first Series 1 Land Rovers rolled off the production line in 1948.



Here’s a Pathe News ‘short’ to amuse you. Note the dress code and safety kit – or lack of it!

The London to Brighton is a fun day out and as you get to park for free overlooking the sea by the pier on Marine Parade the £30 entrance fee with a free tee-shirt and other land rover related freebies makes it a snip.

See you at the next one? [04.10.2015]









See below for details of the SLSLRC carefully pinched with pride from their web site!

“The South London & Surrey Land Rover Club (SLSLRC) is an enthusiasts club based near Croydon, South London.  We are also well known for exclusively organising the annual L2B Land Rover Run for the past 14 years, 2013 being our 15th.

The club holds fortnightly meetings and is made up of members who enjoy every aspect of owning and driving Land Rovers.  We are very active throughout the year with regular local green laning trips, bi-annual weekend away laning trips (mainly Wales), attending other 4×4 shows, camping weekends etc.

Do you live locally and would like to visit us one evening?

Drop us an email to find out when the next club meet is:-

We would love to see you there.

Our Club website is ”

Thanks to all for fixing and managing the event.



About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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