Helping Veterans in the Criminal Justice System

Our team are delighted to introduce the Veterans Programme to you. The goal of this work
is to save the lives of our veterans in crisis in Surrey. In the context of this programme ‘veteran’ includes soldiers, sailors, marines, and RAF staff and includes our reserves and their families. It is proudly part of the Community Covenant.

imagesFACT: In 2015 some fifteen veterans were helped from rough sleeping to emergency accommodation and on to supported living. (@YorkRoadProject)

It is a sad truth that some veterans fall into contact with the Criminal Justice System and we will work with them to address their behaviour and mentor them to change their lifestyles to better and sustainable ones.

FACT: Between seven and nine percent of Surrey’s prisons populations is made up of veterans.

Why is this service necessary? Well there are many military charities and organisations that cover Surrey but there are none that specifically work alongside the criminal justice system to save the lives of veterans and prevent offending and anti-social behaviour.

FACT: There are 143 military facing charities covering Surrey (Google).

Also the military have specific issues when it comes to accessing local services. They also appear to be invisible in our communities.

FACT: In Runnymede alone there are 40+ veterans families (Runnymede BC)

Who is supporting us?

The Ministry of Defence and the OPCC for Surrey and the Surrey Civilian Partnership Board [SCPB] are all on board.



What can you do to help?
Tell people about this exciting programme that is assisting Vulnerable Veterans.
Signpost veterans, reservist and their families to us.
Put us in touch with anyone you think we can support.

Well saving one life would be fantastic but in taking veterans out of the criminal justice system we will have saved your tax pounds and scarce resources for another vital task. By helping Vulnerable Veterans we are actually helping ourselves.
Web Links:


OPCC Surrey



We already support: The Masato Studio “homeless beanie” project and through them Woking’s “York Road Project”.


We also assist the PWRR Welfare and Benevolent Fund one of the charities associated with  Surrey’s local infantry regiment:



About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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