“They went out searching, but never expected to find each other”

A valentines story form Surrey Search and Rescue. Great folk and a brilliant service.

Unknown-1When Annabelle Groom, 23, and Marek Hutchings, 25, set out to join Surrey Search & Rescue, they did so with the sole aim of assisting their community by searching for missing vulnerable people, but little did they know that this choice would have a far greater impact on their lives than they could ever have imagined.

Upon joining the team, they were given the opportunity to work at various competencies which would allow them to operate in more specific fields within search and rescue. Both Marek and Annabelle quickly found interests in the water team, foot team, technical rescue and K9.

While giving a great deal of their time to a fantastic cause, the couple found more than just a shared interest in helping their community. They spent much time together training with their team mates as well as the additional hours spent training Maisie – Annabelle’s trainee Search dog.  After a short time they found themselves in a strong relationship and the best of friends.

Since joining Surrey, the couple have become engaged and have another dog together they hope to train specifically for ground scenting, a form of searching that Surrey is using to help finding missing people even faster than they have before.

Surrey Search and Rescue (SurSAR) is able to operate due to the extensive time


commitment of its members, and the kind donations of the public, without which they would not be able to continue the great work they do, which on more than one occasion has saved lives.

It is evident that SurSAR strives to create a strong team, which can rely on one another so that even in the most challenging of circumstances they can unite. The story of this couple and how they found one another after joining SurSAR could be described as an illustration for just how strong a relationship the team can help establish.


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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