Sometimes The Hardest Thing Is To Be Like Everybody Else (Or – Why We Should Celebrate Differences)

Every so often I read a blog post which says exactly what I am thinking but in a more eloquent way than I ever could.

Amanda Coleman’s blog post about swimming against the tide was one such occasion

There is so much pressure on people to behave in a certain way, think in a certain way, sometimes even speak in a certain way.

I honestly love it when people who (think they) know me in real life read my blo and find nuggets of information about me which come as a shock to them.

To be perfectly honest I have never been the kind of person you can treat like a computer.

What I mean by that is my programming is a little more complicated than a simple case of “If 2 plus 2 equals 4 then input 4” (I know my knowledge of BASIC computer programming is very – well – basic, not to mention rusty, but I think that would work as a like of programming).

My internal computer usually ends up processing a lot more variables that yours probably would when it comes to going about my daily life – lighting, angles, size of print, hidden obstacles, etc.  (My favourite being – how long will it take before I get run over as a result of having to walk in the middle of the road thanks to the inconsiderate oik who parked their car on the pavement???)

I think I have blogged about this before – or at least mentioned it in a blog post – but I have a particular difficulty with spiral staircases.

For those of you who can calculate angles at a glance I don’t suppose your average spiral staircase poses too many problems???

Me???  I have three angles to work out in very quick succession.

The downward angle of the staircase itself.  The angle of the spiral.  The angle of the tread of the steps in relation to the central pole.  No wonder I avoid those things as much as possible.

Seriously though – we would all be better off if we not only accepted each other’s digfferences but actively encouraged people to be themselves.  You never know we might learn something unexpected from the deep thinkers, the creative types, and those of us with a sideways view of life.

Sometimes what initially seems like the easiest route turns out to be the most difficult – especially when you get into difficulties and everybody else is too busy trying to save themselves to worry about you.

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