Place Holders For Blurred Scenery(Or – The Day I Saw What I See Without My Glasses On With My Glasses On!)

There are times when I really wish I could lend my eyeballs to the rest of the population.  Not only would this give me a rest sometimes – it would also enable other people to see what I can (or more precisely cannot) see with and without my glasses on.

On Friday I had a meeting about my photographic project where I saw a rather disturbing photograph.  It was disturbing because it was the first time I had seen an almost perfect photo of a street scene as if I was looking at it without my glasses on.  (You will have to wait until either the end of the project or after the next meeting before you get a glimpse of it.)

The photograph had a “placeholder” at each corner which might tell you what you were looking at but the main picture was blurred to the point where I knew what I was looking at.

The photographer wanted to take the “placeholders” out as he thought it would give the game away as to what the photo was of (when people with “normal” vision looked at it).

I was really pleased with that photo because it told me that I had made my explanations easy for the photographer to understand.  I don’t know if you have attempted to tell someone about something which you take for granted so they can go away and replicate it???  Trust me – it is hard work.  Especially when you know their instincts are telling them that what you are saying cannot possibly be true because it is too farfetched.  (If you want an example – and you see me – ask me to take my glasses off and tell you what I can see.  If you really want your brain to go on strike get me to explain to you how I can “see” a solid object without my glasses on.  You will be amazed – and you will probbly need medication for a major headache once I have finished.)

One of my favourite things to look at without my glasses on may surprise you.  It is the back of cars.

When I have got my glasses on I can see that the indicator light, backlight, and brakelight are all built in to the car – even when they are illuminated.

Without my glasses on the brakelights of cars and the indicators develop a more surreal quality than most other objects.  When the aforementioned lights are lit up they look like dandelion clocks but – obviously – in red and amber.  They also stand out from the car.

Maybe your “Solid State” world and my fluffy world are totally different on paper but I am really looking forward to welcoming you into my fluffy world and educating you.

After all, not many people on Planet Earth have got absolutely perfect vision.  I admit that I am in the lowest percentage of the population who have got any king of “vision” but everybody can teach everybody else about their life as they know it.  We just need to open our minds and expect the unexpected.

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