Sometimes You Have To Look Underneath The “Public” Face To Find Out The Full Story

I am one of those very strange people who are not obviously “disabled”.  Actually – that is not totally correct.

You see – my glasses will tell you that I have some kind of sight problem – they just don’t tell you exactly how bad it is.  Nor do they tell you what does and does not make my life easier.

A few months ago I went to a job interview where I ended up feeling extremely pleased with myself on one hand but highly insulted on the other.

The reason I ended up feeling extremely pleased with myself was hearing “You don’t look Partially Sighted”.  I know you are not really supposed to mention your disability in a job interview (although I did manage to get the offer of a job as a School Crossing Patrol even after stating my sight problem – I failed on the Medical though) but I like to think that everybody knows where they stand.

What made me feel highly insulted was one of the questions the interviewers asked me.  “What was the most recent film you saw?”.

I took this to mean in a cinema and answered it as such.  Put it this way – me and cinemas do not mix.  Cinemas have a tendency to hit all my danger buttons at once.

If they had asked me about the latest book I had read I would have been able to bore them to sleep about it.

So – next time you interview someone for a job and you want to find out something a little unusual about them try asking them another question I heard in the same interview instead – “If you were a biscuit what sort would you be?”

Me?  I would either be a Stroopwafel (a delicious Dutch treat which goes very nicely with coffee) or one of those cinnamon-y, gingery biscuits you get with a cup of coffee in upmarket hotels and restaurants.

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