Why “Target Audiences” Can Mean You Losing Your Potential Customer!

If there is one phrase which sends shivers down my spine it is the one which includes the words “Target” and “Audience”.

Allow me to explain why that is.

I have come across companies who have concentrated so much on attracting their “Target Audience” that they forgot about the potential audience they already had.

If you think that your “Target Audience” is limited to those people who already know your company and your product or the service you provice – think again.

The above people are the ones who you have already caught on your last “fishing trip”.  As long as you don’t upset them or make their life too difficult they are the ones who are likely to stay around.

Your real “Target Audience” may surprise you.  It is those people who treat your website (and your other literature) as an oldfashioned “shop window” as they decide whether or not to give your company their custom.

However, they are not the most important people.  The most important people are the ones you have decided to invite for a job interview.

How do I work that one out???

Simple (and this actually put me off the idea of even going to an interview with one company – I went but only because I had to as part of my Jobseekers Agreement when I was unemployed).

If your potential employee cannot find their way around your website well enough to be able to research your company – they are likely to feel you treat your employees in the same way as those potential customers who contact your company “on spec”.

The company whose website put me off them were dismissive when I pointed out that I had had difficulties in using their website (in fact it was the worst one I have ever come across before or since).  They informed me that – not only had the website won an award (I get the feeling the RNIB were not included in that particular judging panel) I was not in their “Target Audience” – so they were not going to change it.

I am not sure if they are but – I think websites are used to such an extent that they should be covered by the Equalities Act.  After all, if I cannot read a website for any particular reason I cannot help but feeling as though I am being discriminated against as a result.

Your website is your showcase to the world – try to remember that everybody is your “Target Audience” in one way or another.

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