How We Treat Other People Shows What We Think Of Ourselves

We all know that – when you represent a Company – your treatment of your Customers and Suppliers reflects on your Company (or even just the company you work for).  If either a Customer or a Supplier is treated badly it can have a detrimental effect on the business you do with them (maybe even to the point of them deciding never to deal with your Company ever again – or worse – discouraging other companies from ever doing business with you based on how you treat them).

It is surprising, therefore, how many people don’t seem to realise that how they treat other people (even in their “private” lives) can leave a rather unpleasant sensation in the mind.

In Say Unto Others What You Would Like To Be Said Unto Yourself (Or – Why Your Mouth Is Your Most Dangerous Weapon) I discuss the link between criticism and bullying – as well as why I think that how you treat other people is a reflection on your levels of self-respect.

Let’s face it – if you respect yourself you are hardly likely to try to drag everybody down to make yourself feel “bigger” or better, are you?

I am becoming more and more convinced we need “Self-Respect” lessons in schools.

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