Opportunities Come In Unexpected Forms!

On Wednesday this week I was a stall at the “Choice Unlimited” Roadshow in Leicester.  For those of you who don’t know what “Choice Unlimited” is – it is a branch of Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living (aka “LCiL”).

The Roadshow was a way of showcasing different organisations and their goods and services to help Disabled People (and their carers) live as independently as possible.

You may be wondering why a Blogger ended up with a stall at such an event???  Surely, if anybody needs Bloggers it is the companies providing the goods and services???

Well, I happen to be of the opinion that blogging can help people get their stories out to the wider world (it also helps by being a kind of “head emptying” exercise).  Not only that but I have been known to showcase the talents of some of my friends on my personal blog.

If you have a look at Inkyworld Blog you will find out about a new invention I discovered on Wednesday (and got permission from the manufacturer to review).  There is also an opportunity to help a friend of mine with his PhD.  Click her for information – Please Help A Friend Of Mine With Their PhD.

There are opportunities everywhere – you just have to keep your eyes, ears, and mind, open in order to find them.

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