How To Get The Best Out Of Life

Getting the best out of life can seem really difficult at times.  If only it was as easy as those mottos you see on Social Media (and the ones people may email to you).

I think the best starting point is to Stop Competing With Everybody Else.  Trust me – I know how difficult this one is.  We are almost programmed by the media to try to beat everybody else – even at things we will never be good at.  (Some of us are “socially trained” to hide bits of ourselves which society finds unacceptable or difficult to cope with.)

The second thing is make time for yourself to sit quietly with your own thoughts.  How can you know what truly makes you happy if you don’t know yourself???

Find a job where you can work to your strengths.  Yes – I know these are hard times in which to get any job at all.  However, I have personal experience of spending 15 years in a job which ended up being almost as bad for my physical health as it was for my Mental Health.  It didn’t play to any of my strengths (it played to nearly all of my weaknesses).  I only took it because it was what I was qualified for.  By the time I was made redundant I felt I was neither use nor ornament.

The next thing is escape into a book – any book.  Reading opens your mind and gives you all kinds of other skills to help you in your daily life – even when you least expect it.

Finally – find a creative hobby.  It can be Creative Writing, painting, needlework, crafts, etc.  The creative element can turn into a way of emptying your mind of all the negative emotions which build up during the day.

Most of all – be non-judgemental.  Instead – be kind and compassionate towards your fellow humans.  Judging others is a waste of your time and energy.  After all, you only see what other people show you.  You cannot know my full story just from a fleeting interaction with me any more than I can know yours from the same thing with you.

In order to get the most out of life we have to be kind to ourselves and others.

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