What Is A Veteran?

Veterans come in all different shapes and sizes.

If you think about it we use the term “Veteran” rather indiscriminately nowadays.  I even heard Steve Davis being referred to as a “Veteran Snooker player”.

According to me true Veterans are the people who have served countries (not just their own) in times of conflict and/or disaster – or even Civil Unrest.

You may be wondering why I stated that true Veterans have not just served their country???

I have a confession to make – I wish the world didn’t need the Military.  On the other hand I am extremely thankful that the UK and the US sent their Military to liberate The Netherlands in World War 2 for obvious reasons.

Veterans are people who have witnessed some horrific tragedy as part of their job.  I am not just talking about the Military either here.  Just think what the Emergency Services face every day as part of their job.

I have a bit of a favour to ask you. If you run (or are involved in) an organisation which helps Military Veterans and you are based in the Surrey area please contact Roger Nield on roger@smpl.org.uk as he is in the process of building a directory of services which Military Veterans can access.

Military Veterans have had to be superheroes whilst they have served countries and been in situations you and I would rather run away from (or even just pretend they don’t exist).  They deserve our respect and our help to reintegrate them into society.

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