How To Keep Safe During The Summer Holidays (And Give Lowland Search And Rescue A Holiday Too)

Now we are at that time of year when people go on holiday (or even just have time off school or work and stay at home).

There are some very good ways of staying safe during the summer holidays.

Keep well away from railway tracks unless you are on a train.  If you are at a railway crossing obey all signals and signs.  (Put it this way – a train takes a long time to stop if the driver sees a car on the tracks.)

Stay well away from disused quarries, mines, etc, where the water can be a lot deeper than you think it is.  Only go to Diving Centres, etc, if you are with an experienced person.

Motorways are designed for traffic – not pedestrians.

If you are driving abroad – familiarise yourself with the local driving rules.  I don’t just mean the rules as written down in that country’s version of the Highway Code.  I mean watch how the other drivers themselves drive.

Do not Drink and Drive, drive under the influence of medication (legal or otherwise), drive whilst tired, or use a mobile phone whilst driving.

Make sure you are suitably dressed and prepared for any activities you may undertake.  Take plenty of food and drink with you if you are going on a long journey.

Failure to follow any of the above advice may result in you needing to be rescued by either the Emergency Services or Lowland Search and Rescue.

Lowland Search and Rescue is a voluntary organisation which helps to locate missing people.  The volunteers are highly trained in finding and helping people who have got themselves into difficulties (usually searching over wide areas and a variety of terrains).

As the name suggests the Lowland Search and Rescue teams are the ones you don’t usually find anywhere near mountains or the coast.

Most of all – the best way to stay safe is to let someone know where you are going and what time you plan to arrive.  Also, have a backup plan for when you hit unexpected delays.

Finally – do not walk around at night unless you are in a group of friends.  Stay well away from known trouble spots.  And do not carry cutlery (as in knives) or guns.  These will not protect you.

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