Writing Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated!

There is one sentence which I think should be completely banned from the English language (especially when the person who wants to say it is in my earshot).  The sentence in question is – “I cannot write like you”.

I know it is meant as a compliment when people say it to me but it actually causes me pain to think that they see me as some kind of writing wizard.

To be perfectly honest with you – I will read anything which has been written by anyone (unless it is obviously private).  What I mean is – I love reading and learning about humans and their experiences.

The way I write my blog posts (both on here and on my personal blog) is alarming easy.  I just sit and type when the inspiration hits me.  The difficult part is trying to ensure what I am thinking actually ends up making sense in the English language when it gets to the screen.

Just because you cannot write in a particular style doesn’t mean that you cannot be as good as your favourite authors.  I know I cannot write straight factual “dissertation” type pieces – mainly due to the fact that reading them either bores me to sleep or makes me want to ask the writer to jazz it up a bit.

Whether or not you can write flowing, artistic, inspirational pieces – the trick is to find your own style of writing.  Put it this way – the writer of this blog post will quite happily read a dictionary, a book about the origin of words, novels, recipe books, etc.  I can even – if I am in a certain mood – make a sort of story from a single word.  (Come to think of it – that is my favourite exercise at my Creative Writing group.)

So – next time you read a piece of writing you really like and you get a chance to speak to the author of it – just thank them and promise yourself that you will take the opportunity to find your own style of writing.

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