When Telling The Whole Truth At A Job Interview Is Not Such A Good Idea

I suppose we have all been there?  You are being interviewed for a job and the interviewer asks you an unintentionally awkward question?

In my case it can be related to the only aspect of myself which “interview training” tells me to hide – ie – my sight.  (Sod that – I prefer us both to know exactly where we stand on that subject.)

Or it can be the trickiest question of them all – what did you like most about your last job???

In the “interview training” I mentioned earlier – you are supposed to pick an aspect which you enjoyed.  It could be dealing with people, putting your creative skills to good use, etc.

But what happens when what you liked most about your last job was (as in my case) being made redundant???

Speaking negatively about your previous (or current) employer is the biggest no-no imaginable.  However, there are times when sidestepping questions about your last job are not exactly recommended either.

This leaves me with a bit of a question.  There is a similarity between job interviews and the new style passport photos.  Both of them are supposed to let someone else see a “true and accurate representation of the person”.  Yet – when it comes to passport photographs – mine looks nothing like me because I am not allowed to wear my glasses in mine.

Having to spin my answers to interview questions in order to “show myself in the best light” just makes me feel like I am being forced to lie against my will.

I wish someone would just decide that interviews should be conducted in an atmosphere of complete honesty and that honesty would be rewarded with opportunity.

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