Seeing Things “Sideways” Opens Up A Different World! (Or – How To Simplify The Extremely Complicated)

If you have been reading my blog posts you will have noticed that I sometimes have a very different way of understanding the world compared with most people.

I try to let people have “tasters” of what it is like to be me – however there are times when I cannot give you the full “image” without lending you my eyeballs and my glasses.

There is another way in which you might be able to get a kind of “Optician Approved” version of the world as I see it in a few months (if everything goes to plan).

Put it this way I showed my Optician the beginning of the most recent attempt at writing a book about my sight and the challenges I face – and he said it was “technically correct” as far as the description of lenses, etc, was concerned.

So, I hope to get the whole thing written and sent to a publisher at some point.  I cannot wait to share the connection between “Connect 4” and a sight test, among other weird and wonderful connections, with you.

Sight problems can appear to be complicated when you are not used to them – spare a thought for those of us who live not only with the problems themselves – and the challenges that result from them – but also having to explain ourselves to other people.

Hopefully – the working title of “Sightlines” might make things a bit clearer.

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