Because I Have Always … Is Not Necessarily A Good Answer

This may sound odd but sometimes doing something turns out to be easier than trying to explain why you do it.  Apart from that – trying to explain your reasoning for thinking the way you do can be very difficult indeed.  Especially when you are trying to explain them to people with no experience of life as you know it.

I am sure that people can explain their jobs to me in terms so simple even an uneducated idiot would be able to understand them.  But what would they say if I asked them about some aspect of their life which they take for granted or do automatically???

I realise I might get the answer “because I have always done it”.  But sometimes we need to go deeper in order to understand ourselves and our reaction to the world around us.

We all have our things in life which we have to deal with that may flatten another person if they were exposed to the same circumstances.  Put it this way – unexpected practical exposure to my sight problems would land most people in A & E (especially if the practical exposure involved them suddenly only being able to see blurs without strong prescription glasses).

Trying to translate the experiences I have due to my sight can be fun – it can also be heartbreaking.  Most of all, it can be extremely frustrating – especially when the reason for my attempt to explain them involves me not being able to do something everyone else can.

Luckily for me I have a slightly twisted sense of humour on occasions – coupled with a very thick skin.  However, I realise not everybody has either of those things.

We should all be willing to learn from the experiences of others – and not be so quick to laugh off or judge what we have no personal experience of.

Maybe then the world would be a better place.

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