The Best Test Of An Idea

You could say my head is full of schemes and plans – half of which never see the light of day.

However – I have recently started the process of getting one of my ideas tested out.

It is all very well people telling me I have had a good idea on my own.  The fun starts when I find that other people have had variations on the same idea.

The best test of an idea – however – is when people are prepared to help you try to get it off the ground.  You can have all the verbal support people can give you – the proof of their support is when they are prepared to lend you their brainpower as well.  This is before they start offering other forms of help.

We have got a wide range of expertise before we start to consult the Professionals.  Maybe we should be a bit more prepared to get involved in ideas which may at first seem completely off the wall.  That way we might be able to educate ourselves as well as having a fun time helping people.

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