Please Go Easy On The Outdoor Christmas Lights (Less Is Most Definitely More)

We are getting very close to my least favourite time of year – the time when some people have a nasty habit of blinding and disorienting me without actually realising they are doing it – all in the name of “Celebration”.

If you invite me inside your home and show me your interior Christmas lights I will be as happy as the rest of the population.  I love houses with one illuminated Christmas decoration in the window  – my favourite are the ones which look like a triangle of white candles burning (reminds me of Holland).

However, the minute I see a house with outdoor Christmas lights draped over it (even one string – particularly of the flashing variety) my heart plummets like a stone.

Forget the fact that the electricity bills of the houses which are lit up enough to be seen by passing aircraft would be astronomical – and there is a much increased risk of an electrical fire.

You could say that my problem with them is much more Earth-bound.

What you don’t realise is that outdoor Christmas lights can have the same effect on me as external Security lights which you find on houses – the amount you have to scale it up is equal to how visible you think your house is to passing aircraft.  (I am only slightly exaggerating here!)

Let’s just say that large amounts of outdoor Christmas lights and Photophobia are a lethal combination for those of us who suffer from it.

So – during this run up to Christmas – please consider the amount of outdoor Christmas lights you drape over the walls of your home.  Less is most definitely more.



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