Who Can Ever Say They (Totally) Understand

There is something which has been bugging me about the Mainstream News bulletins recently – their habit of talking to people who think they understand what is going on in the world when they have no personal experience of the issue being discussed.

You can just about pick any topic under discussion at the moment and I can guarantee that some poor individual will be wheeled out to declare the latest proclamation of Doom and Armageddon.

(What finished me off as far as patience with the Mainstream news is concerned was watching “Newsnight” last night and hearing some American author say that US politics is as divided as it had been at the time of the American Civil War.  Was this individual around at the time of the American Civil War???)

Now – I am sure that there are some “commentators” who can prove that they have personal experience to back up their speeches.  I am just not sure about whether or not I have heard any of them recently.

There is a Dutch TV programme with a brilliant title – “De Wereld Draait Door” (In English – “The World Keeps Turning”).  I get the idea that the UK Mainstream Media should remember this phrase.

It is all very well having so-called “experts” wheeled out to discuss topics but – unless they have practical personal experience of what they are being asked to discuss I would not value their opinions at all.

To answer the question in the title to this blog post I would say that nobody can say they totally understand what is going on in the world.  We need more than just our own veiwpoint to help us make sense of it.  However, we need to be very careful about who we use as the conduit between the events in the world and our understanding of them.  Otherwise we could end up totally confused.

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