Sometimes It Is The Quiet Ones Who Shout The Loudest When They Get The Chance

I know this may sound strange but I am not surprised that Donald Trump won the US Presidential Elections – I am surprised that everyone else is shocked by the result.

I am not going to get all political here – instead I am going to attempt to tell you my take on the reasons.

Experience tells me that there are times when the things which have blocked your way have just been moved enough to let you get a grasp of space to tell your story – and you cannot resist blowing the rest of the barriers away.

The other thing is when people tell you that they have their own solutions to your problems – but you never actually get to see those solutions even when they are promised.  It especially hurts when you and the “person in charge of your Destiny at that particular moment” actually agree on the solution.

Allow me to attempt to explain what I mean.

When I was in my first year of Secondary School my Year Head decided that I would find it easier to do my schoolwork if the school provided me with a computer – so I could type instead of writing.

That was just about the only thing we did agree on.  I was brought up with computers – as my Dad was a lecturer at a Further Education College, on the subject of computers.  (I could even turn one into a basic calculator.)

Well, I waited for that computer to appear (which it never did).  That computer did a couple of things – even in its absence – which have stuck with me even today.  The first thing it did was kill my trust in people in authority (computer was promised but didn’t appear) – the second thing it did was teach me that I was totally on my own – until proven otherwise.

Funnily enough – in a way it was computers which unleashed my “voice” and allowed me to break out of the mould of being me.  I can sit and type my thoughts out and – as long as I don’t set out to deliberately offend anyone – I can feel like I am contributing to society in my own way.

We all need that “trigger” to enable us to make our own lives better in whatever (legal) way we can – Let’s just say that there was a link between the computer not appearing and me turning round to the Year Head a while later and telling him I wanted to move schools.  Of course, being bullied and being totally out of my depth at that school didn’t exactly make me want to stay either.

So – next time someone says that we should prepare for Armageddon now that Donald Trump is President Elect of the (Dis)United States of America – maybe you could ask yourself if him being elected is actually the result of people’s percieved Armageddon when they look at their lives and the world around them.

Desperation can make you do crazy things – and nothing makes you feel more desperate that the feeling that you are totally on your own as the rest of the world (who seem to have it all) quickly fly past you on their journey to their own personal “Nirvana” of choice.

From where I am sitring as I type this – there is not much difference between the people who were desperate enough to vote for Donald Trump (in protest at the state of their world) and the people who are getting the hope choked out of them in the UK.

We should all be able to achieve the same things.  Some of us will need to do it in a different way due to our circumstances.  However, there is no excuse for Society putting up needless barriers in the way of those who cannot play by the same rules as everybody else.

I have just been reminded that – when journalists interview the people who think they know the person who has committed a terrible crime – the people always seem to say “they were quiet – kept themselves to themselves”.  You never know when (or how) the quiet ones react to being pushed over the edge.  Some of us just start getting very noisy.


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