Why “Ignorance” Can Go Both Ways

I was reading the “Metro” newspaper this morning when I saw a letter which horrified me.  This letter stated in – no uncertain terms – that those of us who feel left behind in the current Political and economic landscape are “Ignorant, Racists, and Bigots”.

The world is populated by a mix of people who are all totally different – with different abilities, aspirations, and opportunities.  No two people can claim to have exactly the same background or fit into exactly the same “Social” groups.

I am not a fan of Donald Trump or Nigel Farage – but – they have obviously tapped into a feeling of being left on the scrapheap in the race for Economic success.

On Sunday night I watched the programme called “Will We Ever Have A Black Prime Minister” – the bleak outlook (as discussed in The Real Question Nobody Dares To Ask About World Politics) does not suggest that we will get one anytime soon.

People can feel left behind for a lot of reasons.  Being “Ignorant” is one of those reasons – just not necessarily being “Ignorant” of the way the world works today with its emphasis on “Globalisation”.

Ignorance of the challenges faced by people of wildly differing backgrounds and abilities is a very big factor in the world’s current problems.

If I were to put all my friends and family into a giant Venn Diagram you would see a wide mix of people – some with PhDs and other degrees, some who were not born in the country they are living in, some with Physical disabilities, some with Mental Health issues, some who can speak more than one language, the list goes on.

In among the groups I mentioned above there are people who I know for a fact are highly intelligent and articulate – they just don’t necessarily have the same opportunities as everybody else.  This is down to Discrimination – fueled by “Ignorance”.

It is all very well asking a fish to climb a tree – just don’t blame the fish if it fails to do so.  Fish are designed to live in water – trees are usually found on dry land.

The reason I found the letter in the newspaper so upsetting is as follows;

There are so many people in the world (myself included) who may appear to be lazy, stupid, strange, etc, because they don’t immediately play the same “game” as you do as far as “Social Interaction” is concerned.  What you don’t see is – behind the mask we present to the outside world – the effort we have to put in so we can appear to be as much like you as possible.  Trust me – sometimes acting “normal-sighted” is the hardest thing I have to do on a daily basis.

So – the next time you decide to dismiss those of us who feel “left behind” in the current world situation as “Ignorant” – take a step back from the edge and ask us why we feel that way.  Not all of us are uneducated idiots who wish the world was populated with people who are exactly like us.  Some of us are highly intelligent people who just wish those of you with no experience of life in our world would do us the courtesy of asking us how you can enable us to join you in the race to “Success”.

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