Why We Should Judge People “Inside Out”

Here is a strange thought for you to consider – would you like your favourite people even if you could see their “inside” person?  What I mean is – would you see them in the same way if you could see their personality?

What sparked this train of thought off was spending a few hours last night in the company of a gorgeous friend of mine.  Seriously – to look at her you would think she could make a lot of money out of modelling for Giorgio Armani or someone like that.  (The lady can also write lyrics that can take you on emotional journeys – and she has the voice of a Host of Angels.)

Luckily for me I have seen her grow up (otherwise I would have been a gibbering wreck when I attended her gigs) and I can confirm that she is as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside.  Her smiles, hugs, and TLC are all ingredients which make my world seem like a better place whenever I see her.

If you compare that to some of the “Celebrities” and other people who are classified as Role Models for one reason or another – I seriously begin to lose hope for Mankind.

Surely Role Models should be people who treat people with kindness – no matter how they themselves are feeling?  Shouldn’t they also show that there is more to life than that old ABBA song “Money, Money, Money”?

What happened to “celebrating” (how I hate that word in this context) people who live life with challenges as best as they can?  I am sorry but – to me – you “celebrate” Birthdays, Christmas, and other Festivals.

Even worse – what has happened to just being able to enjoy people for what they bring to your life instead of what you can get from them?

I saw something on Facebook which seems quite apt for this blog post;

“People were made to be loved and things were made to be used – Now we have begun to love things and use people”.

Next time you meet someone try to judge them on their personality instead of their looks or behaviour.  Even better – before you start judging them ask them to tell you a little about themself and their life.  You might just learn that that person you would rather avoid like the plague is the one who has faced the most challenges in life.

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