My Favourite Christmas Carols To Sing And Listen To

I don’t know about you but I think there are some Christmas Carols which should be consigned to the dustbin.  I am talking about the ones which were drilled into me as a result of performing Nativity plays at Primary School -or school Carol Services.  They have just lost their meaning for me through seemingly endless repetition.

You will know the tune of my favourite Christmas Carol to sing – you just won’t necessarily recognise the lyrics – Stille Nacht.  “Silent Night” was originally written in German (I even have vague memories of singing it in German when I was in Primary School for some strange reason).  My favourite version of “Silent Night” is not the German one though.

My favourite version of “Silent Night” is one I sang a verse of with my Mum in our only public singing performance as a duo.  “Stille Nacht” (the Dutch version) is the Carol which really makes Christmas “Christmas” for me – and not just because it seems more true to the Christmas Story than the English lyrics.  It is the one song I can sing a verse of in Dutch in memory of my Mum at Carol Services whilst everybody else is singing merrily away in English.

My favourite Carol to listen t0 (actually I have got two) needs a bit more explaining I think.

I said I have got two of those, didn’t I?

The first one is one which I actually learned as a result of being dragged to one of the choirs my Mum was in when I was at school (Dad was teaching evening classes so Mum took me with her to the WI choir).  I don’t like singing it though – mainly because it needs at least two people to sound “proper” when sung – Torches, Torches

The second one is one I didn’t actually like when I thought it was sung by groups like Cathedral Choirs.  Then I heard Kristyna Myles sing a solo acoustic version of it.  Unfortunately I cannot find the original video of it but – here she is singing it with another singer – White Christmas/O Holy Night

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