When Advertising Steals Christmas

Usually tacky advertsements around Christmas don’t bother me (I don’t tend to watch the Commercial channels anyway).  However, thanks to a certain High St fastfood chain specialising in spicy (fried) chicken, I am starting to feel more than a little upset.

They appear to have started tinkering with the lyrics to a Christmas Carol – their version (as seen on advertisements in bus shelters) appears to be “Oh Come All Ye – Get Fed”.

Yes – I do know that lyrics to Christmas Carols have been changed in a “humourous” manner before (probably since the first Christmas Carol was written).  But I object to this version because it is another step in the ever-encroaching commercialisation of Christmas.

I am not suggesting that everybody should see Christmas in the same way (ie, a religious festival) but – surely – we can respect each other’s beliefs enough to treat all religions in the same way???

There is enough trouble in the world without people mocking religions for commercial gain (on top of all the Sectarianism which exists).

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