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Vulnerable Veterans – march on…

The Vulnerable Veterans Project helps British armed forces veterans, reserves and their families who come into contact with the criminal justice system or become homeless.   Vulnerable Veterans – Halting the Revolving Door. Moves into Phase 2.  On the first of … Continue reading

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Denial Of Discrimination Should Be As Frowned Upon As Denial Of The Holocaust

Today is “Holocaust Memorial Day”.  This got me thinking about how people can get into serious legal trouble in certain countries if they announce themselves to be a “Holocaust Denier” – yet nobody seems to get into trouble if they … Continue reading

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RT @SHVeterans: @VulnerableVete1 #CONGRA

RT @SHVeterans: @VulnerableVete1 #CONGRATULATIONS keep up the good work VV1

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Dodgy Demands for Work Done

  Message sent by Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National) Payment diversion alert   Fraudsters are emailing members of the public who are expecting to make a payment for property repairs. The fraudsters will purport to be a tradesman who has recently … Continue reading

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Magna Carta, Edward Coke and Brexit

Sir Edward Coke’s bold assertion in 1605 of one of the cornerstones of the unwritten constitution of the United Kingdom has been upheld today in a hugely important decision by the Supreme Court. In R(Miller) v Secretary of the State … Continue reading

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When A Camera Can Show The World What You Do And Don’t See

You could say that this blog post started off as a personal challenge to me by someone who I am working on a Photography Project with.  I hope it gives you a bit more of an insight (excuse the pun) … Continue reading

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That Strange Concept Called Trust

This is going to be a slightly more “personal” blog post than I usually write on here but I really feel this topic is not discussed anywhere near enough (the same could be said for two other topics which are … Continue reading

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Why We Need To Make Room For “Citizen Journalists” And Bloggers

I was watching the Newspaper Review on the BBC News Channel one night last week when I heard something which sounded so pompous that I couldn’t believe it had been uttered.  According to the lady who had been called in … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Magna Carta

Reblogged with real pleasure from Egham Museum where I am proud to be a trustee. The birth of liberty Magna Carta, meaning the Great Charter, is a seminal document in English legal and constitutional history. While many of its clauses … Continue reading

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The Truth Is Out There Somewhere (Or – We Haven’t Quite Reached “The Land Of Make-Believe” Just Yet)

Watching various news broadcasts this week made me think of the song “News Of The World” by The Jam – with particular reference with to the lyrics “Don’t believe in everything you see or hear”. It has almost got to … Continue reading

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