The Truth Is Out There Somewhere (Or – We Haven’t Quite Reached “The Land Of Make-Believe” Just Yet)

Watching various news broadcasts this week made me think of the song “News Of The World” by The Jam – with particular reference with to the lyrics “Don’t believe in everything you see or hear”.

It has almost got to the stage where theso called “News” broadcasters could make more use of the “Citizen Journalist” Brigade (as well as sacking every single highly-paid reporter who seem to have little or no idea about how to report the truth in a convincing manner any more).

You could also say that we – as the audience – are partly responsible for the reporting of unsubstantiated stories as facts.  We are so used to living in a world of 24 hour news broadcasts that we appear to have forgotten that we should watch the news in a different way to how we watch things like soaps and dramas on TV.

I am not saying we should respect the journalists to the point of taking what they say as the Gospel truth (in fact far from it).  The journalists are the ones with the biggest agendas as far as “spinning the world to suit their employer’s ideas” is concerned.

Next time you watch the news try to watch it with a questioning mind and do some research of your own about some of the stories.  For example – we all know people who have been affected by different news stories over the years (both in this country and abroad).  I have seen a different side to some pretty big news stories just through speaking to some of my friends and then doing a bit more research on them.  There have been other news stories (for example about “Disability”, etc) which I have personal experience of that meant I couldn’t agree with anything the journalists were trying to sell as the truth.

There is a good side to Social Media as well – forgetting the “Fake stories” for a minute – Social Media can connect you with people who work on the frontlines of different organisations.  This means you can get the real truth about subjects like how cuts are affecting the Police, etc, or whether or not the latest ideas put forward by the Government are ever likely to work.

The best way to equip ourselves against the prevalence of “Fake News” and the “Land of Make-Believe” is to ensure we are properly educated as to what is going on in the world – from a variety of sources.

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