High Heels And Makeup Aren’t Just About Sex Discrimination

I am sure you will have heard about a case of dresscodes in workplaces being frowned upon because they can only be applied to women?  The dresscodes in question stipulating that makeup should be worn as well as high heels?

Experience tells me that the ladies who are complaining about this are correct to do so – I don’t agree with their reasons though.  (Let’s just say that there are some men who may like wearing makeup and high heels to work if given the chance.)

If the ladies had decided to complain about the dresscodes on grounds of Health and Safety (with particular reference to the high heels) or Disability Discrimination (high heels and makeup) I would have been the first in the queue to back them up.

Allow me to explain my reasons.

As part of my last job I used to type up Risk Assessments for various jobs.  One of the headings in the Risk Assessments was “Slips, Trips, and Falls” and another was “Working At Height”.  (Yes – I do realise the last one was more concerned with working on scaffolding, etc, than wearing 4 inch stilettos.  However, the same thing applies.)  I could be completely wrong but – according to me – there are certain instances where the wearing of high heels as part of a uniform are in direct contravention of all Health and Safety directives in existence.  For example, how many female uniformed Police Officers have you seen chasing a suspect down the street whilst wearing 4 inch stilettos???

The Disability Discrimination aspect is the one which usually escapes people’s notice.  Mainly because it only applies to certain people.

When I buy shoes or boots I prefer them either to be as flat as possible or to have a solid sole (as in no gap between the heel and the front of the foot).  This is so I can (at least attempt to) trick my mind into thinking my feet are on a flat surface even when they are at an angle.  (Let’s just say that my brain doesn’t cope well with multiples of angles when it comes to me walking around in footwear with hemakeup.  A household staircase has been known to take on the characteristics of the approach to the summit of Mount Everest in that instance.)

As for wearing makeup?  Give me a break.  There is one ability you need when applying makeup to your face which I haven’t got fitted as standard.  This is the ability to see what you are doing without wearing glasses.  Unless anybody would be willing to pay me enough to employ my own makeup artist to apply makeup to my face for me – I will gladly remain a makeup-free zone.

I find it quite funny how the first thing ladies complain about when it comes to rules on things like dresscodes and other issues related to public behaviour is Sex Discrimination.  If you don’t feel comfortable in sheer blouses, high heels, tight skirts, and a face full of makeup, you can seek alternative employment.  But you are also missing the bigger picture if that is your only grounds for complaint.

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