Why I Think “Citizens Journalism” Matters Now More Than Ever

“Fake News” “Post-Truth” “Fact Check Everything”.  Oh and don’t forget to engage in some “Critical Thinking/Reading, etc” whilst you are at it.

We are being bombarded with so much white noise posing as news right now that I am beginning to wonder if there is any point in believing a single word anybody in Public Life says any more.

How do we get to the true facts of every single story we are forcefed by the Mainstream Media?

As you might have realised by now – I am a big believer in letting the people who are directly affected by events tell their own story in their own words.  Don’t worry – I am not going to get political on you.  However, the only people who can change the current story of our nation are you and me.  We can do this by becoming “Highlighter Pens” which show up things that other people may wish were ignored.

Last month I had the pleasure of having an article published in an “Ezine” called “Audacity”.  The article was on the subject of “Hope” – I decided to write about the only way to lose hope is to stop speaking out about issues which may only seem to affect us.

I certainly do not have any qualifications in Journalism.  What I do have is a passion for language, equality, and education about the world as I see it.

This brings me to a slight diversion.  Education is more complicated than you might think.  The sign of a successful education is when people put what they have learned into practice in order to help others.  (Even better when they do it without being prompted.)  A few weeks ago I had up close and personal experience of one of my friends doing exactly that.  When our journey between two places included a shallow set of steps in the dark my friend showed me what he had learned about sight problems (as a result of sending himself on a “Disability Awareness” Course when he thought he might lose his sight through Diabetes) merely by standing in such a place that he marked the edges of the steps when I went down them.

We might need “Mainstream Journalism” to help us learn about the wider world – we also need “Citizen Journalists” to tell us about the smaller issues which we sometimes find difficult to deal with.  Another use for “Citizen Journalists” is helping us learn about the “behind the scenes” stories which can be more valuable than the stories being put out by the Public Figures we are supposed to respect.

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One Response to Why I Think “Citizens Journalism” Matters Now More Than Ever

  1. Katie Marie says:

    The ‘fake news’ issue aggravates me but does not surprise me. I think you’re right we need more people telling their version of events from the ground, and bringing to light the smaller issues. I like the phrase citizen journalist 🙂

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