No Rules And No Respect

As I sit here typing this blog post I am trying to get my head around something which happened in my street in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Apparently a group of children (all under the age of 15) were roaming around at between 3am and 4.30am – a man ended up being taken to hospital with serious injuries.

I don’t want to rehearse the argument about whether or not the parents knew where they were – I will leave that to other people who are wiser than me.

What I want to say is that the way some children are “brought up” nowadays leaves me feeling scared of all of them.

I know I am going to make myself sound ancient but my generation were brought up to respect our elders.  I was also brought up to Dutch rules regarding social interaction.  (If you try to tell me that you can get away with anything in The Netherlands – try actually being a member of a Dutch family.  It is stricter than you think.)

The rules and respect aspects seem to have been dissolved over time – helped in no small measure by the soaps and their depictions of how people interact with each other.  (Oh – and don’t get me started on programmes like ‘Jeremy Kyle’, as well as some of the “discussion” programmes.)

We have to find a way of putting lessons on how to treat people with respect in the school curriculum.  I may sound strange but I really think that lessons on “respect” could complement the “Sex and Relationship Education” lessons if delivered properly.

There is another side to this issue though.  If children were properly educated regarding respecting themselves and others – I am sure that the idea of carrying knives and other weapons as a matter of course would die away.

The best way of protecting children is to teach them the correct ways to interact with others.  If the parents are not prepared to do this – society as a whole will need to step into the gap.

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