A Handmade Welcome To Go With A Handmade Burger

I don’t usually put reviews directly on here but I am going to make an exception in this case.  It just seems to connect with the ethos of Simple Solutions.

I had won a gift card for a meal in a restaurant – so I decided to investigate The Handmade Burger Company in Leicester.

If you have never heard of this chain it is like a cross between a fastfood joint and a high class restaurant.

The menu outside the building didn’t exactly fill me with hope.  It was in one of those stand type contraptions which ensures the print is too small for me to read.  However, the room looked well-lit and spaciously furnished.  So I went in.

I waited at the appointed place to be taken to a table.  On sitting down I was issued with their standard sized menu.  Not good – print too small to read comfortably.  (I persevered in silence.)

The waitress went away and returned with the one thing which ensured I understood my custom was indeed welcome – a large print menu.  I was also informed that they have menus in Braille for the blind.

I wish the owners of all restaurants would ensure that they had a large print menu for those of us with sight problems.  I  also wish that my needs could be accommodated without me having to ask.  We need to get away from the idea that someone like me has to go out of their way in order to find places which welcome our custom.

The irony is that I also have to pay more for the privilege of feeling totally welcome.  Both The Handmade Burger Company and “Five Guys” charge higher prices for their food and drink than your average high street Burger sellers.  They are the only two places which make any kind of effort to cater to my needs.

I would really encourage more people to visit places which are “Disability-friendly” – whether or not they are disabled themselves.  That appears to be the only way in which we are going to force the rest of the retail sector to change their behaviour.

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