Why Sometimes Not Following The Crowd Will Help You Find Special Treasures

You might be wondering what I mean by the above title to this blog post.

Well – we all know about supporting local shops and buying local when we can.  But how many of us also support local talent at “grassroots” level?

I don’t know about where you live but I consider myself lucky to live in an area which celebrates (I really hate that word in this context) local independent talent.

Some of my friends are writers, singers, fashion designers, sculptors, photographers, etc, who you probably won’t have heard of.

I have had the pleasure of being allowed to follow my favourite singer/songwriter and support her through my blogging.

What sparked this blog post off was attending a gig last week.  The main act was Ben Williams (guitarist extraordinnaire) with a few songs performed by Kristyna Myles.  The highlight for me – though – was being able to listen to some students from a secondary school perform as part of the support.

There are very few “Big Time” celebrities who would be prepared to give a bunch of students stage space at their gigs to learn their craft.

The other advantage of supporting local unknown talent is that you don’t have to remortgage your house in order to afford the admission to get into the venue.

Also – if you manage to find someone who is near the beginning of their career – you will be able to watch them as they progress.  You might even be able to help them by using your own talents.

We can all go to the “big ticket” gigs, art exhibitions, etc, and come away with a good feeling, and merchandise, without feeling any connection with the person responsible for it.

Or we can find small gigs, art exhibitions, demonstrations, etc, and get to know the people behind the talent.

I know which one I prefer doing.

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