Why “You Don’t Miss What You Have Never Had” Is Hardly Ever True

The above title came to me as a result of a conversation with a friend of mine.

We were talking about health and disability and he said he wished he could go back to how he had been before his body started to go on strike.

It is funny how – on one hand – people have a nasty habit of asking me if I have ever considered contact lenses or Laser Eye Surgery as ways to improve my sight (the answers are as follows – to the former question “yes – I tried them twice” and to the latter question “are you joking?  I would like to keep what sight I actually have if it is all the same to you thanks very much”) – yet on the other hand – they seem to ignore the fact that there are things I would love to be able to do which they can do without thinking about them.

I have almost lost count of all the advertisements by the different car manufacturers on TV and YouTube recently.  How to really make someone like me miss something I have never had – offer me a lift anywhere.  I am unable to escape the fact that I cannot drive – as well as the limitations it imposes on me.

What actually makes it worse is the knowledge that I love cars.  They are magnificent feats of engineering – even if some of them look extremely ugly.  I must be the only human who thinks the internal combustion engine is one of the world’s best inventions (especially when attached to either two or four wheels.

.Me? I am reliant on eitehr my feet or Public Transport to get me around.  Second thoughts – that should read my feet and Public Transport (I have to walk to the nearest bus stop in order to catch a bus).

So – next time you decide to tell someone they cannot miss what they have never had – please have a rethink.

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