They Say A Word Can Paint A Thousand Pictures But We Need To “Read” Them Carefully

Language is a very strange thing.  We can both be speaking in the same language (using the same words) and still understand things very differently.

I suppose it all boils down to our personal experiences and whether or not we can use them to help us to read the “picture” of the conversation.

Allow me to give you an example of what I mean –

If I tell you that society classifies me as “Disabled” you would probably understand what I mean.  However, if I went on to tell you that I do not classify myself as “Disabled” but anybody else who first meets me will fall into that classification – you may begin to encounter some difficulties with that concept (unless your experience of Disability is anywhere near the same as mine – as in you are Disabled yourself).

I suppose it is a bit like the “wordgames” the Government and Parliament seem to like playing when it comes to debates on things like Brexit and other topics of discussion.  One side thinks they are saying one thing but the other side is hearing something totally different.

Speaking of the connection between words and pictures – I must admit to not being the world’s biggest fan of films.  I much prefer reading books and letting my (rather vivid) imagination do the work of translating the words into “pictures”.  Trying to understand the workings of the minds of some of the Directors and Producers of films can just make my brain hurt – especially when my interpretation of the words on the page (if the film is of a book I have read) don’t match what I see on the screen.

Of course, there is another way in which words can paint pictures – when someone saying a certain word, phrase, or sentence, takes you back to the first time you heard it.

I get the general idea that there might be some patients at a certain hospital in The Netherlands who would be rather surprised to hear that the Doctor looking after them is filed in my brain under “Crazy”.  Actually – the full heading is “Crazy – Crazy! I’m crazy” (Splash).  Of course – this particular Dr was approximately 8 years old at the time when the “splash” was the sound of him falling into a small stream after uttereing those words.  Well, I had told him he was crazy for some reason (I cannot remember why though).

Another phrase which paints a vivid picture in my mind is “we’ll write a short note about that”.  This brings to mind notes which are 6 whiteboards long.  It also makes me think of a navy tank top worn by my favourite teacher.

I cannot be the only person who finds words fascinating.  There is a whole pallette of language to explore and paint pictures with.  Go on – have a play and see what you can come up with.

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