Why Being Open About Ourselves Can Be The Only Way To Learn About Each Other

You could say that today has been a rather intriguing and interesting day for me.  It started with my weekly trip to the Social Media Cafe in the West End of Leicester.

As well as meeting up with my usual group of friends I collected a couple more.  I also got a very indepth education on the subject of Bipolar Disorder from someone who managed to explain it in terms I can actually understand (as well as educating me on the three types of it).

I found out that my edited blog post/article about my experience on the panel at the discussion about the “Purple Pound” is being published in the magazine run by LCiL – as well as being put on their website with a link to the original Inkyworld blog post.

However, my absolute favourite bit of today was seeing one of my associates and being told that the “Homeless Party” has actually gone international.  Well – as James McLean told me – Homelessness is an international issue.

What has all the above got to do with the title of this blog post???

Admittedly I collected my various friends and associates from different places at different times – however, they all seem to have one thing in common.  I was made to feel welcome in their presence as myself.

You could say I wear a few hats – I am a Blogger, I am Registered Partially Sighted, I try to be a “Highlighter” for people and issues I believe in.  One thing you cannot say about me is that I am shy when it comes to discussing issues which are important to me.

There is a slightly more serious point to all this though.  The best way to earn someone’s trust is to be as open with them as you feel able to – but in a way that doesn’t make them feel bombarded.

In fact – the best way for you to learn about me is to sit me down with a cup of tea and tell me about yourself.  I can just about guarantee you that we will either end up sharing similar experiences or you will have an avid audience as you tell me about something I have never had personal experience of.  (I did blog about the concept of the “Human Library Book” didn’t I?)

A closed mind will never help people to understand each other.  We need to be open to both educate and be educated.


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