How Letters Can Be Fun (Or – Why Reading Is Good For You)

I suppose I was lucky growing up having to play with letters in order to find out what was going on half of the time.

Even now I am happiest when playing with my favourite “toys” (either reading or writing).

Place names captivate me – Maassluis, Aberystwyth, Praha, Maryhill, all paint different pictures in my mind.

Even reading the lists of ingredients in different languages and trying to match them up to the English version can provide hours of entertainment for me.

I read in order to educate myself, to entertain myself, to calm myself down, or just to escape for a while.

My favourite things to read all have one thing in common – they were written by people who know how to use letters properly to capture their audience – maybe getting me interested in a subject which I had previously avoided, or making me feel as though I am with them as they describe a situation.

However, sometimes I just cannot resist books on the subject of letters and words themselves. (Yes – I will happily admit to finding dictionaries and phrasebooks seriously fascinating.)

We need to give children the opportunity to fall in love with reading – not make it seem like a chore.

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