Judge Only When You Understand The Full Story

I posted a status on Facebook talking about the fact that too many people judge other people’s motives for doing something when they don’t understand the reasons behind them.  I went on to say that some of the best people are the ones who face challenges in their lives because they get on with it and try to make life better for other people.

That status wasn’t about me praising myself – it was in response to some things which caught my attention recently.  Incidentally, two of them involve people who I consider to be inspirational.

The first involved a friend of mine called James McLean.  He has taken it upon himself to protest against the treatment of homeless people in Leicester – by setting up camps in various places in and around the city centre.  He has been in the local paper quite a bit (as you can probably imagine) and he has received some abuse for it.  However, contrary to what some of the people writing comments under the articles think, he has personal experience of being homeless in Leicester.

Now, I don’t agree with what he is doing – there are better ways of getting your point across – but I applaud his motives.

Another thing which got my attention recently involves James Patrick, ex-Police officer turned author and Citizens Journalist, who makes a point of not only standing up for what he believes in but also attempting to educate the rest of us as well.  He has written some very interesting articles on various subjects.

However, the final straw (which prompted me to post my Facebook status) was an excuse for a newspaper deciding to publish a horrible article having a go at UK Police Officers for having the audacity to drink coffee or tea in public.  For some strange reason this article caused a lot of upset amongst the Twittercops I follow – the consensus being that at least the Officers were in fact getting a break and getting watered – and they were in full view of the public – which means the public can speak to them.  (I dread to think what the excuse for a newspaper would think of a Dutch Police Officer friend of mine who actually eats his lunch in the homes of the residents of the patch where he polices.)  I am all for anything which builds relationships with the community.

So – next time you see someone (or read about them or hear about them) who is doing something that you don’t necessarily agree with please find out the full story before you start judging them.  You may then be able to help them find a different way of achieving their aims.

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