Sometimes The Best People To Write And Speak About Difficult Topics Are The People Who Have Lived Through Them

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending this year’s “Choice UnLimited” Roadshow in Leicester.   This is always a fun and educational event.  However, this year I suppose you could say a couple of things made it more fun and educational than usual for yours truly.

The first one was me being able to talk about two of my big passions to people who were interested – blogging and sight problems.  I was in charge of a “Discussion Circle” where I think I successfully managed to give them some hints and tips without their eyes glazing over.

The second thing was me talking to two brilliant ladies who were sitting at a table selling a book one of them has written – yet both have lived through.

“Invisible Girl” was written by a lady called Samantha Houghton.  For my review of the book please click here – “Invisible Girl” Book Review.

Although the book was about Mental Health and not physical disabilities there was so much in there I could relate to.

I also spoke to both Samantha and her Mum – telling them a bit about my experiences of growing up with a sight problem.

I know I keep going on about this but – there is nobody better to write or speak about any difficult topic than the people who have actually lived through it.

You can read as many books as you want which have been written by Brainiacs or you can speak to people who are the most highly qualified (on paper at least) to discuss the subject in question.  I have a word of warning for you however.  If you then meet up with someone who has personal experience of the topic in question – don’t be surprised when we tell you the Brainiacs haven’t got a clue and we don’t fit in any textbook you may read.

I am an individual with a complex range of abilities and challenges when it comes to my sight.  There are some things which anyone who deals with sight or vision will tell you should be impossible for me to do, and others which should theoretically be possible for me to do – trouble is my experience can show the opposite to be true!

For example – you try telling someone with degrees in sight and vision that it is perfectly possible to train yourself to read small print (at least two font sizes smaller than you are able to cope with) as well as how to cope with an Overhead Projector – and watch them attempt to compute this information.  Great fun!  Trust me – I tried it on more than one occasion.

So – next time someone tells you about their abilities and challenges just sit quietly and listen without prejudice.  You might learn more than you think.

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