The Problem With Politics

In case you have just woken up from a “Sleeping Beauty” length sleep I feel it is my duty to point out that we are now in the run up to a General Election.

As far as I can make out – this is the only time when Politicians can use every section of the community for their own gain.  As well as making claims that are so farfetched as to be seriously unbelievable.

I wish we had a box on the Ballot paper marked “None of the Above” that we could tick when we voted.

It is all very well arguing that the UK needs proportional representation when it comes to the make up of our Parliament – have you ever studied the effect that proportional representation has on the Dutch Government??? Let’s just say the Political parties all seem to be too concerned with arguing about who is prepared to work with whom to govern usefully.

I have also heard that voting should be made compulsory? I could possibly agree with that idea if the political parties were prepared to be honest with the electorate about the exact nature of their plans.  They should also agree amongst themselves not to use the most vulnerable members of society as pawns to score points off each other.

The Political system is corrupt and broken almost beyond repair.

In my ideal world Politicians would serve a maximum of two Parliamentary terms.  They would also be ineligible for election if they had no experience of “real life” as most people know it – disabilities, unemployment, working long hours for little pay, etc.  We need representatives in Parliament who know what their constituents face on a daily basis – instead of the current elite in their ivory towers.

Unfortunately – I don’t see a change coming any time soon.

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One Response to The Problem With Politics

  1. Katie Marie says:

    I like the idea of the two terms maximum and the real life experience, shame it can’t be implemented.

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