Why People Are The Most Important Tools We Have To Get Us Through Life

Firstly, please accept my apologies for not posting on here for such a long time.  My absence was not planned (nor was it something I would have chosen).

The reason for my absence was ending up in hospital and being stuck there whilst the Drs sorted one minor glitch out (as well as finding two other major ones).

I am not going to bore you with the details of the “glitches” – what I will say is I really learned a lesson about friendship as a result.

Whilst the Drs and nurses were looking after me I kept my friends up to date via Facebook.  I even shared the rather distressing news with them when the Drs told me.

I just thought they would read my statuses and think nothing more of them or about me.

The comments and reactions I got made me feel as though – although I was the one going through everything – they were all standing beside me encouraging me even when I wanted to give up.

If you were to meet me you would probably think I am a tough cookie who is not scared of anything.  Congratulations – you have just seen the armour I put on when I first meet people.  I really have to trust you before I show you my vulnerable side.

There is a saying about no man being an island.  That is true for all of us whether or not we actually like the idea.

People – particularly friends – are the best tools to get us through life.

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