Why Being Comfortable Can Make You Dull

Here is a question for you – when was the last time you were forced to do something in a completely different way to the way you usually do it?

The reason for my question is I was talking to the photographer I am working on my photography project with – and he told me our project had forced him to work in almost the exact opposite way to his usual method of operation.  When I tried to apologise for this he said he is now enjoying his new way of working – offthecuff as opposed to having a definite plan of action before even picking his camera up.

I nearly told him that now he knows how I feel when people try to tell me to do things their way – or even just make me feel like I have to change my behaviour so I merge with the scenery better.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind altering the way I do things sometimes (especially when I know it is going to make life easier for everyone (myself included).  Sometimes I have been known to set myself little challenges just to spice things up a bit.

The funny thing is – from where I am standing at least – people always seem to think I am going outside my box when I am just being me (by “my box” I mean the limitations they would think my sight places on me) whereas – when I do actually go outside my box of limitations noone else realises what has happened.

You probably looked at the title to this blogpost and the first paragraph and thought I was going to suggest you did something wild and on the “extreme adventure” scale???

As someone who wouldn’t ask anybody to do something I am nor prepared to do myself – I can safely say that you can leave the “extreme adventure” stuff to those who enjoy that kind of thing.

However, I do want to leave you with a kind of challenge – next time you are feeling slightly too comfortable in your own life you could always try to see the things which would pose a challenge to someone who is visually impaired, hard of hearing, or a wheelchair user – especially when you are out and about in your daily life.

Sometimes going out of your comfort zone not only sharpens us up (and stops us from getting dull and stagnating) but it also teaches us about others as well as giving us different ways of working.

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