Why We Should Be Prepared To Look “Behind The Scenes” To Really Find Out How We Can Help Others

Well – it is not very often that a throwaway sentence triggers a train of thought which results in a blog post on that exact comment.

This morning one of my friends rang me.  After enquiring about my wellbeing he said something about having looked at some of the stuff I had put on Social Media.  Then he came out with “you seem to be functioning”.

Well, that is one way of putting it. It got me thinking though – how often do we just look at the outward appearance of someone and judge them on that?  They could be going through extremely traumatic situations – yet show the world a varnish of “coping”.  All because they either don’t want to be a burden on other people or they are afraid of being judged if they ask for help.

Do we always encourage people to ask for help before it becomes too late?  Or are we the sort of creatures who will only offer help once and – if it is refused – the offer is withdrawn never to be made again?

The offers don’t even have to be practical help – they can be something as simple as offering to be someone’s Sounding Board.

I have to admit I find it extremely difficult to ask for help (for reasons which I won’t go into here).  I am becoming better at accepting help when it is offered though – I am in a situation where I find myself having to accept certain offers of help which earlier I may have found upsetting.

Nobody understands our individual struggles better than we do – but if we build a support network of humans (both seen and unseen) the world will seem like a less scary place.

Also, if we can find a way to adequately fund the correct resources to help people who are in either mental or physical distress – so much the better.

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