When You Learn Surprising Things About People

There are times when you can become extremely envious of one of your friends.  Especially when they tell you that they have met one of your favourite comedians before the comedian in question became well-known in England.  Not only that but your friend also informs you that it would seem as though they have been in nearly every building which has been used in the filming of one of your favourite comedy series.  What really gets you is the way they inform you as though they are telling you about the local weather.

I had actually been joking when I asked my Glaswegian friend what would happen if he said hi to Billy Connolly.  I was expecting him to tell me that the chances of him meeting Mr Connolly were slim to non-existent.  So you can imagine my surprise when the reply came back “he’d probably say ‘hi big man’.  I have actually met him – he came round to my flat when I was little”.

After making sure I had heard my friend correctly (I didn’t believe him at first) he told me that his Dad used to work in the same shipyard as Mr Connolly.  I found this out a couple of years ago.

A couple of days ago I was talking to my Glaswegian friend again and he decided to give me another snippet of information in his usual “this happens every day” manner.  Apparently my Glaswegian friend could be the owner of something very valuable indeed – records of Billy Connolly’s early standup routines signed by the man himself before he became known outside Scotland.

Because of my Glaswegian friend I am an even bigger fan of “Still Game” than I originally was.  It is like going on a tour of the area where my Glaswegian friend lives – without leaving my comfy chair.  Parts of “Still Game” are filmed in Maryhill (where my friend lives).

It is surprising how you can find out the most surprising things about people even when you are just joking around.

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