What You May Think Of As “Inspirational” Could Just Be Someone Else’s Way To Get Through Life

One of my favourite songs is “Foolin” by Kristyna Myles.  My favourite lyrics are “Who am I foolin’ if I am not myself? Who am I foolin’? I can be nobody else”.

The strange thing is that I have recently started to learn that other people appear to have been unwittingly fooling themselves about me.  As in – they have not seen the obvious until now.

It is funny how certain events can change people’s perceptions of you.  In the case of a tragic diagnosis (or two) people can suddenly consider your “Keep Calm and Carry On In Spite Of Everything” attitude to be inspirational.  What they may not have realised before now is that may be the only way you know how to operate – it is a case of either doing that or giving up completely.

People have called me “Inspirational” for all kinds of reasons.  The trouble is – I don’t consider myself to be inspirational.  I can reel off a very long list of humans who I consider to be inspirational (some famous but most are people I know personally) – my Mum honestly being the most inspirational person I have ever met (I know that may sound like a cliche but if you know anything about the beginning of my life story you will understand why I say that).

Nowadays people seem to think that celebrities are the most inspirational people on the planet.  I can see why someone like Sir Jackie Stewart is inspirational, as well as Nelson Mandela, but a “here today gone tomorrow” popstar, or someone who is famous for merely existing??? Come off it.

We need to be really careful about who we think of as inspirational – as well as who we classify as “role models” for the younger generation.  Do we really want our children to grow up thinking that fame and fortune are the only things to aim for??? Or do we want them to think that things like being kind to people, not giving up when the going gets tough, etc, are better values to have???

I could seriously have a “Woe is me – woe, woe, and thrice woe” (not sure where that quote comes from) attitude to life – both as a result of my past and recent events – but that wouldn’t do anybody any good, least of all me.

The best way to get through life is play the hand of cards you have been dealt as best you can.

If you think that is inspirational then so be it – for some of us it is what we have been doing more or less for our entire life.

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