How Your Car Door Can Be A Useful Device For Me When You Are Parking Your Car

I am honestly starting to think there should be a separate section in both the Theory and Practical Driving Tests on the subject of parking cars.  People seem to dump – sorry park – their cars wherever they like, whether or not it is actually legal (a clue – unless you are in a wheelchair or a baby-carrying vehicle – keep your vehicle away from sunken kerbs).

Yes, I know that there are times when you might need to put two wheels on the kerb – if you are parking on a narrow road, etc.  However, draping nearly your entire undercarriage over the pavement is actually potentially deleterious to the lives of pedestrians like me.  The more of the undercarriage of your vehicle is draped over the pavement the higher the risk of me getting run over as I walk in the road to get around the obstacle you have created.

There comes a time when I cannot see (let alone judge the size of) any gap between the side of your vehicle and the wall, fence, hedge, etc, you are parked next to.  This is particularly difficult if your vehicle is black or white (both colours make the vehicles appear bigger than they actually are).

So – I have a request for you.  Next time you find yourself having to park with your wheels on the pavement please open the door nearest to the wall, fence, hedge, etc.  If you can open the door of your vehicle to its fullest extent (usually 90 degrees to the side of the car) this is a perfect gap for me to be able to see a way through.

Not everyone who uses the pavement to walk on has perfect eyesight – and those of us who have the least perfect eyesight would rather not walk in the road if possible.

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