Why Social Media Can Be The New Artform

Social Media has got a bit of a bad reputation which I only partly agree with the reasons for.

Yes – it can absorb people to the point where they forget the “real life” humans in their lives, and it can be used to spread hatred and bullying further and faster than ever before.

However, it can actually help people keep in contact with friends and relatives who they rarely see due to geographic circumstances.  It can also be used to educate people about situations they wouldn’t otherwise know about.  As well as making people like me not feel so alone in the world.

Social Media seems to have grown from merely being a way to contact other humans into a way of entertaining them as well (whether or not you consider YouTube tone part of the Social Media sphere).

You can now stream live video on Facebook (and possibly Twitter as well).

But my favourite form of entertainment which Social Media provides is the unintended funny tweets and statuses I sometimes read.  (I must admit I do have a bit of an advantage through speaking another language.)

There is a saying about a word being able to paint a thousand pictures???  Some of the tweets I have read from people I follow on Twitter have painted such vivid pictures in my mind that I ended up feeling like I was in the same situation with them.

People can post really impressive photographs on Social Media – but I like being able to read their thoughts in words.

Yes – I admit it – sometimes even I wish we could go back to life without Social Media.  Then I remember all the connections I have made with some brilliant “mind artists” through it, as well as how it keeps me in touch with people and places which are very special to me.

Like all other artforms – we need to have a balance between Social Media and the “real” world.  However, Social Media can also bring the “real” world closer to us in exactly the same way as the other artforms.

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