Money, Money, Money (Or – Why Cash Might Not Be As Good As You Thought It Was)

We have all used cash to pay for things but do you realise that some of us find cash more difficult to use than others???

For example – can someone please explain the difference between, say, a £5 note and a £20 note??? Especially in dim lighting conditions???

As for the current 5p coins and the new £1 coins – did anyone bother to run the design past someone with visual difficulties???  I very much doubt it.

Let’s start with the notes.  You can design them so they are rainbow-patterned for all I care.  Keeping the £5 note the same size as the £20 note is absolutely pointless.  Even the Euro currency has notes of slightly different sizes depending on the denomination.

As for the coins – I can recognise the 1p coin by touch, same with the 2p, 10p, 20p, 50p, and £2 coins.

The current 5p coins are really too small to be of any remote use to me.  Bring back the old 5p coins which were recognisable as being smaller than a 10p coin but actually felt like money instead of the kind of scraps of plastic you might end up with when you have punched holes in plastic wallets.

As for the idea of the new £1 being easily recognisable???  It theoretically has 12 edges to it.  I say “theoretically” because I cannot feel the edges.  Compared to a 20p coin or a 50p coin the £1 is circular.

I wish the designers of cash would test it out on people like me before they let it loose on the rest of the population. 

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