Sometimes The Most Powerful Stories Are The Ones Which Use The Least Words To Tell

Over the past couple of days I have had the pleasure of speaking to three different people who all managed to educate me in very unexpected ways.

I offered to help one of them to write their life story so they can pass a record on to their family when they die.  This is one of those elderly ladies who doesn’t appear “elderly”, they just appear to be a bit frail physically but their mind is as sharp as a steak knife, and they think “young”.  (Let’s just say that I got a shock when she told me she is 85 this year.)

The second person is almost at the opposite end of the scale.  When I first saw this person I wondered what a 19 year old was doing applying for his current job.  Turned out they are only a few years younger than me (oops).

The last person is a very good friend of mine who I have known for approximately ten years (it doesn’t seem anywhere near that long).  This lady is full of interesting stories and information – as well as being the kind of humans who automatically cheers me up whenever I see her.

All three of the above-mentioned people are inspirational to me in different ways.

The funny thing is that they each appeal to a completely different side of my character – whilst at the same time all appealling to the same side.

They have all managed to educate me without realising it.  However, it wasn’t something they did – or even something they said.  Instead – it was the way they said it.

As you might know by now – I love words and language (as well as accents).  However, there are some stories which don’t need a lot of words to tell.  Especially if you choose the correct ones.

Some of the most powerful stories I have ever heard were told in relatively few words but the words used were the most impactful ones for the job.

We are becoming so used to having silence filled with noise and news items not saying very much but seemingly using a dictionaryful of words to say it – that some of us seem to have lost the ability to appreciate the quality of a well-crafted statement of very few words.

I really think we need to relearn the true power of words.

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