Why Silence Is Not Always Golden

One of my friends put a very interesting status on Facebook today which definitely made a lot of sense to me.

The status was on the subject of how not talking about things can actually do more damage than talking about them.

Funnily enough, at the Social Media Cafe I go to on a Friday, I got talking to another friend of mine and our conversation ended up touching briefly on that subject for a different reason.

Obviously, there is a difference between going down the “woe is me – woe, woe, and thrice woe” route and merely stating the facts as you see them (especially when it comes to something which has a negative effect on you or your friends).

However, I have always been of the opinion that – if nobody knows there is something wrong how are they supposed to fix it???

Humour can be a great tool when it is used appropriately – the same goes for sarcasm.

I must admit that my default setting when it comes to talking about things like the price of my glasses and my sight problems in general can sound like I am turning them into a big joke.  However, as long as I am getting my message across and highlighting issues you may have no experience of, I think it is justified.

The only thing which puzzles me is why some people don’t appear to want to allow people like me the opportunity to educate others by talking about the challenges I, and others, face.

The “in thing” at the moment is Talking Therapy – where you go to speak to someone who is paid to listen to you as you unburden yourself.

How much better it would be if we were all allowed to feel free to speak our mind without the other person being paid to listen to us???

Keeping things bottled up inside you will just end up making you ill.

Silence can actually be a killer.

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