Some Friendly Advice That I Wish I Had Taken Myself

I don’t usually use this blog to discuss things which are happening in my “private” life but I wanted to tell you about something important which may end up saving your life.

A few months ago I ended up in hospital rather unexpectedly. I have been given a diagnosis of Terminal (even though they never mentioned the word – they just talked about Palliative Care) Breast Cancer and Heart Failure. Don’t worry – I intend to stick around for a long time yet.

We are all told what to look for when it comes to checking for Breast Cancer. However, not that much is advertised about the symptoms of Heart Failure.

One of the major symptoms – and one of the first ones – is swelling of your feet and legs (as well as them turning a very perculiar colour).

So – next time you take your shoes and socks (tights, stockings, etc) off please do the following – and do it before you put them on as you get dressed as well.

Look at the top of your feet. Do they look swollen??? Touch them – can you feel the bones without having to press down??? If the answer to question 1 is “yes” and/or the answer to question 2 is “no” I suggest you make an appointment with your GP. Even if it is not Heart Failure it could be something equally as life-threatening.

Remember – breathlessness is a more recognised sign of Heart Failure but it is not the first one.

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